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Damage Utility deposite
Name : Anna   Date : 2008-11-11

Because of bad experiences in the past, or simply to protect themselves, Korean employers will many times request a damage/utility deposit for their accommodations. This is so that, in the event the teacher does not pay all of his or her utilities before leaving the country once their contract is finished, or in the event that the teacher damages the apartment or furnishings in some way, the employer will not suffer any losses as a result.

If an employer does require a damage deposit, they will usually deduct a small amount from the teacher's first few pay-days, normally around 200,000 won each month for three months, totaling 600,000 won. The deposit, minus outstanding utility bills and damage repair costs, is returned to the employee on the last day of his or her contract, provided that the employer has been able to inspect the apartment and verify that all utilities have been paid. Teachers should check their contract for specifics.


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