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Sample Contract
Name : Anna   Date : 2008-12-07

Employment Agreement         



This EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT has been made by and between                 (hereafter referred to as "The Employer") and                      a citizen of                         (hereafter referred to as "The Teacher")





1. Within the parameters of Korean Labor Laws, The Employer hereby employs The Teacher to teach English under the terms and conditions set forth here in this Agreement.




Teacher must be judged qualified to teach and be able to submit all the necessary documents required by the hiring procedure of the school.  The minimum qualification is an undergraduate degree from a recognized institution in an English-speaking country.




1.       The Place of Employment will                                                     



2.       The duration of this contract will be from                                       





1. Salary

The Employer will pay a monthly salary of   __,000,000 won to the Teacher. Payday is on the ___ every month. Final salary will be paid on the last day of teaching. Korean income tax (to be calculated based on Korean taxation laws) and National Pension plan will be deducted from the Teacher’s salary. The Teacher’s salary determines the actual amount to be deducted as per Korean labor laws and government directives.


2. Teaching hours

Working hours will include 120 actual teaching hours per month.

Working days will be 5 days per week from Monday to Friday.  


3. Overtime

Overtime will be optional so if the Teacher agrees to work in excess of 30 hours per week  such overtime or extra hours shall be paid for, in addition to the monthly salary, at the rate of ___,000  Korean won per hour.


4. Paid Vacation & Holidays 

The teacher will receive 1 week (Weekends inclusive) summer vacation and 1 week (weekends inclusive) winter vacation as scheduled by the school.  

Teacher will observe and be paid for holidays as prescribed in a yearly calendar by Korean law.


5. Tax

Income tax and retirement taxes will be observed from the salary according to the Korean tax law.( Between 3~5 % from your salary)   


6. Housing

The Employer will select and provide furnished living accommodations for the Teacher.

The Teacher will have his/her own bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Furnishings provided by the employer include the following: a TV, a bed, a kitchen facilities, a gas stove, a refrigerator, a telephone, a fan, air conditioning, a clothes rack, a washing machine. Housing will be equipped with western-style toilet.  In the event that a couple is married, a larger housing than an average single resident unit will be provided. The Teacher is required to pay the cost of monthly service, utility and telephone charges for the accommodation provided. If the Teacher has own housing, The Employer has to provide 300,000won per month to the Teacher as housing allowance.  


7. Transportation and Travel expenses

If the Teacher completes the full contract, the Employer will provide the Teacher with one- way economy class ticket from Korea to the point of hire at the time of termination of employment. If the Employer and the Teacher both agree to an extension of employment, the return air ticket will be provided at the time of completion of the subsequent contract period. If the teacher has to go to Japan to get E2visa, the Employer should provide the Teacher with a round economy class ticket and expenses to visit Japan and process the visa. 


8. Severance pay

Severance pay, equivalent to one-month’s salary, will be provided to the Teacher upon completion of the one-year contract.


9. Medical Insurance

Teacher will be covered by medical benefits under the Korean Medical Union. The cost of this insurance will be paid half by the employer and half by the Teacher. ( Approx 2.24 % from your salary)


12. Management System

Teachers are expected to follow the directives of the supervisor and cooperate with the supervisor regarding all academic matters.




Employer will have the right to dismiss the teacher for clear and frequent neglect of duties. When appropriate, prior to any such dismissal, the teacher will be warned of dissatisfaction with performance and will be afforded at least twenty days in which to remedy the same. Employer reserves the right to terminate this contract for the cause with written notification sixty days in advance and for serious cause without notice. In the event of termination of contract, employer will not provide a letter of release to the teacher, unless negotiated otherwise.

The causes are like followings when:


1.        The teacher is found to be in breach of contract.

2.        The teacher is involved in a bad scandal that may tarnish the reputation of Employer.

3.        Unexcused absence occurs more than twice in a two month period.

4.        Employer concludes that the teacher cannot perform class activities, or lacks the qualities necessary to be an effective teacher.

5.        The documents submitted to Employer are proved to be counterfeited.




ThThe Teacher hereby agrees, covenants that Teacher will not undertake any teaching or employment with any people or organizations other than Employer without prior written approval. Failure to comply with this clause will result in immediate dismissal. 



This agreement has been drawn up and has been executed in the English language and the

English language text of this agreement will govern and prevail over any translation.



This agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties with respect to the subject matter and supersedes all previous negotiations, commitments and writings. This contract nullifies and voids any previous contract between the two parties. 



This agreement will be interpreted according to the domestic laws of Korea. A competent court in Korea will have jurisdiction in regard to any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with, this agreement. Employer and Teacher have executed this agreement on the date indicated below. Intending to be legally bound and IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Employer and the Teacher have appended their signatures.





The period of employment under this contract is from                               .



Employee’s full name (print) :                          


Employee’s signature: _____________________         Date : ____________________




Employer’s full name (print) :   ______________ 



Employer’s signature: _____________________________Date : ________________  


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